Why Macros And Why They Matter?

Why Macros And Why They Matter?

Hey guys, I wanted to go over something that is really simple but important.

I’m sure a lot of you have experienced constant hunger. For example, you eat pancakes for breakfast then an hour or two later your starving again so you get a snack like chips or crackers. Then another hour or two later you’re hungry again so you eat lunch and get let’s just say take out or something easy. Then another two hours later you start feeling hungry again, and so on. It can start to feel like your starving all the time and no matter how much you eat you’re always hungry for something else or craving something else. 

 In most cases, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

There are disorders and disease that can cause problems but for the most part this is very normal. Let me explain why. Your body needs certain things to function. That’s why wee need vitamins, minerals, calories, carbs, etc. If your body doesn’t get these things it starts to break down and show some weird symptoms that may not be associated at first with malnutrition like fatigue or memory loss. 

 Another symptom of your body not being balanced is constant hunger.

Your body needs a combination of carbs, fats, and protein known together as your macros. When your body isn’t getting what it needs it can be constantly looking to balance this out. If you ate “standard” pancakes for breakfast your body isn’t getting any real nutrients to it. Only carbs. This causes a brief spike in blood sugar which makes you feel great until you process it than your blood sugar drops. Because there’s no protein or fats there’s nothing there to help keep your blood sugar steady long term so you get hungry again. 

 Protein lasts longer than carbs but shorter than fats.

It takes a little longer to process so your satisfied for a longer period of time. Fats last the longest. So Lets say instead of pancakes you eat eggs topped with avocado and a side of fruit. You will bet a good dose of carbs mainly coming from the fruit since it’s higher in sugar. You will get the protein from the eggs which will pick up where the fruit left off and then finally you will use up the healthy fat from the avocado which will continue to steady your blood sugar levels. This keeps you fuller longer it also makes you feel fuller quicker. Starting your day this way will prevent eating too much through out your day.

This can be used in smoothies as well.

There are plant based proteins that can be added as well as fats like peanut butter. It contains both as well as tons of other nutrients you need. Top it off with a banana and some coconut milk and your good. Quick and easy. Its also a great vegan solution.

Prevention goes a long way in helping you meet your goals no matter what that is. If you start your day off right your more likely to make more healthy choices through out the day. 

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