What I’ve learned that makes being healthy easier!

What I’ve learned that makes being healthy easier!

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Staying motivated can be incredibly hard.

You have to fight off cravings, find motivation, and sometimes get up earlier to make time for a workout. It can be difficult when life is already crazy. It’s true you make time for what’s most important but as simple as it sounds it’s not always simple to do. There are thousands of articles out there that tell you how to live healthy and get that summer body and at times they hold some great advice. Sometimes they make it seem easier then it really is to and when you try and take their advice it gets frustrating when it’s not as easy as all that. I want to help you with some of the issues that may get in the way and make being healthy complicated.

Stress is the enemy of a healthy life!

A lot of people say that stress is their trigger for binge eating. When you’re stressed there’s a higher possibility of choosing the wrong type of food and consuming too much of it. If this is you, there are things you can do to help with the stress. Try them out and see what works for you.

  1. Exercise. This will always be number one on my list! When I was in my teens, my brother and I used to walk for miles and just talk and that has really stuck with me through the years. I would feel so much better after a long walk. I’m not a teen anymore so the stress is a bit more serious then it used to be but the method is still the same and science backs it up. You release endorphins which literally lifts your mood. There is a physical reaction. You actually can’t help but feel better.
  2. Stay organized. I am horrible at this one. Not even going to lie to you guys! However, I’ve started using a bullet journal and sticky notes and let me tell you that change alone has helped so much. When you’re in a cluttered space you can feel anxious and stressed. It’s hard to think and stay focused on tasks and get motivated to accomplish your to-do list. Clutter may not be the main cause of your stress but it is absolutely not going to help make it better!
  3. Meditate. Take some time to breathe and focus on nothing for a bit. Yoga can be a great way to do this and fit in a workout. You’re not focused on the issues that have your stressed your just existing for a bit. I was skeptical for years and once I actually tried meditation, I have to promote it! It’s so nice to just clear your head and not think for a bit. You gotta try it at least once.
  4. Run away for a bit!  Take at least 15 minutes to get away from the issues that have you all stressed. Go for a hike, walk the dogs, go to the park, read a book, whatever you need to do to get that mini vacation. Whatever the stress is can wait for 15 min. This is also a great way to clear your head so your thinking clearly enough to handle the stress more effectively.

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It takes time and patience.

Time to find what works for you and time to make it a habit. Meal prep is a great way to do this. You can then freeze the meals for later. Same with breakfast and lunch. Amazon has some great containers that help with this. My favorite is the silicone containers that squish down. They save so much space in the cupboard. Pre-chopped veggies help save so much time as well. If you want a salad for lunch all you have to do is throw a bunch of veggies in a container with some dressing as you run out the door. Homemade breakfast sandwiches are a life saver. You can put a bunch in a freezer bag and then just heat them up while you’re getting ready for work. My girls like to grab them and put them in the microwave before school. Easy for everyone!

Working out can be tricky when your schedule is full.

My best advice is to create a block of time dedicated to that and that alone. Even if starting out its 15 min. HIIT workouts are great for this. A quick walk on your lunch break is also a great way to get it done and can make a big difference. Walking has shown to reduce heart disease improve circulation and your mood.

If time is not the issue but simply getting started in a work out routine,

 you can sign up for a number of classes either at the gym or now there are apps you can use that do the same thing. Aptiv is my favorite for this. Very motivating and keeps you coming back for more. There are workouts that require equipment and workouts that don’t.

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There’s always a way to make it happen you just have to get past those mental roadblocks that keep popping up and tell yourself this is happening.

I just made it sound simple I know but once you do it and keep reinforcing it, it will be. It goes back to my second point about it taking time and patience. It’s tough at first and then it becomes what you do instead of what you’re trying to do. I’ve done a few programs like this but what makes it unique is how it develops a program around where you struggle most and what your craving triggers are.

Above all this don’t give up.

You’ve got this! It seems impossible at times, but persistence is key. You can do this and even after a week or two I promise you, you will be grateful you did. I’ve never regretted doing something good for my health. Every time I make the wrong choice though, it’s never made me feel the way I hoped it would like if I just sucked it up and ate those veggies or did the workout.

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Half the battle is mental guys!

This becomes so much easier once it becomes a habit. According to a study done in 2003, the best ways to develop a new habit is to…

  1. Prioritize and dedicate some time to working out.
  2. Set the mood. Listen to some upbeat music or whatever gets you in the mood to workout.
  3. Don’t let anything invade that time you’ve set aside and don’t make excuses!
  4. Make little goals that build up to your bigger one. It takes 21 days to make it a habit. That’s less than four weeks. Maybe make it a goal to work out so many days a week for 21 days. After that 21 days set a new goal to keep you going. Maybe commit to another 21 days. Whatever you can do!
  5. Don’t forget you are amazing! You’ve got this if you believe it! It won’t be easy and a lot of days you won’t like it but then all of the sudden you will need it! 




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Thanks for giving so many options to work out and I agree that it takes TIME and PATIENCE but the biggest thing is your MENTAL attitude. If you are mentally prepared then you’ll find your ways to work out or be healthy.


This is such a great post, I agree about taking a break, it’s so important to walk away from what is stressing you out to help gain perspective. Thanks for sharing!


Oh, it’s definitely more of a mental thing for me to be more active. I do want to start trying to find more ways to do so though.


Tabitha Bradley-Raines

I need to make it more of a habit to work out. It does make me feel better but I always put it on the back burner. When I do prioritize it, I use Youtube or videos from our TV on Demand (doing the same thing over and over again bores me when it comes to workouts.) I have been stressed lately and neglecting workouts. I need to start back.

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