Top Health and Fitness Apps You Need!

Top Health and Fitness Apps You Need!

 In today’s busy world we use our phones for just about everything!

 It’s how we stay connected, keep track of appointments, we can even pay with our phones now. They are a great tool that helps us be just a little more organized. Another great way we can use our phones is to improve our health. Health and fitness apps help us by tracking our progress and logging our day. Sometimes that extra help is all we need to stay on track. They can help us track our progress and encourage and even compete with friends. Health and fitness apps can also help motivate us toward our goals and keep us going when we hit a wall. 

 I love being able to track my workouts and how much water I’m drinking.

 Getting enough water is so important and honestly, I’m horrible at remembering to do so. I get busy and then before you know it I have enough time to chug a liter or two just to get close to my daily goal right before I hop in bed. I do not suggest this since I’m up all night with late night bathroom runs.
 The health and fitness apps I chose are ones I’ve used on either my apple or android device. These apps are ones I enjoyed using and had the most features. They also had to appeal to a majority to make my list. 

 When looking for the best health trackers,

 I only considered health and fitness apps that could perform well and were user-friendly. Another big factor was what was most important to you guys. When asked you guys said you needed a way to track your progress and save time. Both are really important and I wanted to find a way to help you out!
 To start my list off, the MyFitnessPal app has so many good features one of them being videos and recipes. Like I mentioned above, it was important to you guys that you save time and having recipes at your fingertips does that. I also love how it is compatible with the Fitbit app. My Diet Coach, Health infinity, and Google fit are great for tracking your workouts. Aaptive is the most unique app in this group because it solely focuses on fitness and finding workouts you love from home. I highly recommend you try all of these to find which works best for you. I really think you will love them!

My diet coach

With this app, you can log your meals and water intake. You can set reminders to keep yourself focused. You can also log your workouts. I love that keeping track of everything is easy to input. This app also has a premium feature so you can add more features if you find you love the basic version. This is primarily an apple app. It can be used with the apple watch.



This is an app you've probably already know about. It's available for both android and ios devices. It's great for logging workouts, steps, setting goals, setting reminders, and so much more. This app is huge! I love how many options you have with this app. My only complaints are that the suggested calories come in a bit low. It does, however, take into consideration if you've worked out that day or not and adds calories as needed.

Health Infinity APP

Health Infinity

This app does all the typical features like weight, calories, water, etc. What I love is that it also lets you record your heart rate. You also get a weightloss coach, a way to record your sleep, and do fitness challenges. Really a great app all around! This app can only be found on Android.

Google Fit

Google FIT

This app from google aims to keep you motivated through tracking your steps, your distance, and your calorie intake for the day. They've added over 120 different workouts for you to try and keep track of. That's really huge compared to a lot of other fitness trackers I've tried. This app is fairly basic and mainly focuses on keeping track of your goals. It is however compatible with MyFitnessPal.


Fitbit App

I really like this app. I originally downloaded it because my husband got me a fitbit for Christmas and ended up loving they functions. This app tracks your runs, workouts, shows you a calendar of what days you worked out, you can also share your workouts and encourage each other. You can also log your meals, water intake, and your weight. I love that I can set goals and fitbit keeps me accountable to them. It's available on the App Store, Google play, and the Windows Store.


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janna conner

I use the health app on the iPhone for counting miles when I hike and use lose it to log calories, (when I’m motivated)

Mary Varville-Rodriguez

I definitely want to try out an app. so I can keep better track of my fitness goals. I’ve been doing better with my water intake, but feel like an exercise/time to get moving type of reminder would be excellent. I find myself spending a lot of time on the computer and getting my children to their various activities. I feel busy but in reality there’s not as much body movement as I know is necessary to become more fit. Thanks for sharing this information! I look forward to following your posts. Kindest Wishes, ~Mary at World of Writer Mom


I LOVE my FitBit and then just as much, love my FitBit app. I love being able to see my steps for the day, how many days I’ve worked out, and how I’m sleeping at night. I definitely don’t utilize all of the capabilities as much as I probably could/should, but I love it all the same!


for sure taking these into consideration!

Neely Moldovan
Neely Moldovan

The fitbit app is my fav! I use it constantly!


Thanks for sharing! I’ve only used the Fitbit app, but I’m always curious about other apps out there.


Angie Gee

I really like your blog. I’m currently getting ready to release a unique, on-demand fitness app this summer. I’d love you to check the Bodies App at I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


I use Health Infinity for tracking my daily health and it is awesome. I’m a PRO user and it has almost all the features you need.

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