My Workout Routine

My Workout Routine

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 When you think of working out, what comes to mind?

Is it the long grueling minutes sweating to death? Maybe you picture how you want to look? Maybe you think of all the options out there and just feel lost at where to start. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different forms of exercise. Some I loved some I hated some worked some didn’t. More than likely you have to. That’s ok. If you hate it, move on and try something else. For me, that was working out at home and doing my own thing. It just worked better than me trying to go to the gym. For you the gym maybe a great place to keep you on track. The gym offers lots of classes to choose from! It works great for a lot of people and it’s their preference for staying fit! They key is finding what you love. There are so many options out there that it may take a while but Finding that one thing that you can be consistent with and you can be consistent with is what will help you make progress.

Classes are a great way to connect with other people moving toward the same or similar goals. 

 Finding a workout buddy is a great way to stay motivated and keep going. Another way classes can be beneficial is you are scheduling an appointment with yourself and can give you that push to keep the appointment. If you are all about schedules and being organized this could be a great option to try!

Another option are videos!

To get me started I got three of Jillian Michaels DVDs and cycled through them. This helped give me ideas on what workouts I loved and hated as well as what I felt was giving me the best workout I could get. It also introduced me to body weight training. Once that started to be less effective I added weights then started designing my own workouts using some of the moves that I had learned from DVDs. I started doing the Manitou Springs Incline in Colorado. That built my endurance and overall strength to a level I never thought I could get to. Once I saw what I was capable of I was addicted. Once you become addicted and see you can do this instead of just thinking you can, it turns into something big. It makes you wonder “what if I can do this?” “What if I reach my goals?” 

 One of the great benefits to videos is they are so accessible today and they are available when you need them and have the time.

 Not everyone has a lot of time to dedicate to a workout. A lot of us have very busy schedules that don’t have room for much else. What time you do have you probably don’t want to fill it with stuff you hate. This also where my first point helps a bit. Some of these workouts are as short as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. It’s completely up to you.

You have to do what you enjoy.

It may take time to figure out what that is but its so important to your overall success. The more muscle you have the easier it is to burn fat. I highly recommend giving weights a fair chance for that reason. There are so many different types. Try different varieties and see what you like. Here are my favorites to use.

 Below is my list of different things I’ve tried and many that I still do today. What works for you will depend solely on you. I worked a very active job so what worked for me may not do it for someone who has a stationary job. Experiment and try new things. I never thought I would love weights but it has by far become my favorite way to stay fit.

1. Using the computer standing up
2. Hiking
3. Doing movements while waiting for the microwave, or coffee maker, etc. 
4. Doing pushups(or anything) during commercials
5. Walking on lunch breaks

1. Treadmill
2. Running
3. Stairs
4. Walking
5. Body weight training
6. Park jungle gym
7. Kettle Bells
8. Weighted Vest
9. 30 min exercise consisting of donkey kicks, sit-ups, v-ups, jumping jacks, squats, yoga, Russian twists, mountain climbers, jumping rope, chin-ups, handstands, weighted side bends, etc. depending on the day.
10. Cycling classes
11. Yoga
12. Pilates

 Stay positive and try not to get discouraged through the whole process. You will get there it just takes time!

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Great post! Videos and classes have really changed the way I workout this year!

Mary Varville-Rodriguez at World of Writer Mom

I love how you listed ways to insert movement into daily/at home activities in addition to the gym activities. I encourage my kids to increase movement by having them help me with laundry. We bag and load up the car with clothes, take them to a laundrymat, then I have then help put the clothes into the washers and dryers. They need to work on all planes and get a good range of motion in when I remind them to alternate top and bottom dryers. (Sometimes we have to move pretty fast, depending on the amount of people trying to… Read more »


All great ideas. I do want to try out some of the classes at my gym and see how I do with those. I’ve joined dance classes and I find more motivation to do that than just working out on my own.



I really vibe with the “you have to do what you enjoy.” For me that’s yoga. It make not be as hardcore as other workouts but it makes me feel GOOD.

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