Losing 80 Pounds And The Simple Solution!

Losing 80 Pounds And The Simple Solution!

 Have you ever been discouraged by your weight loss goals?

 While I was pregnant with my first daughter, I gained over 80 pounds. It’s not surprising considering I survived those nine months on fried chicken and cookie dough. After she was born I got a job where I was on my feet a lot and it helped some of the weight come off however my eating habits still weren’t great.

When I hit a wall I decided to started researching what to do about it.

I started eating better and learning more about feeding my body for nutrition and I started seeing results. It sounds really simple and it is, but following through with it can be harder than it sounds. Everything I did to lose weight was pretty basic. No complicated diets or weight loss pills. It mainly took determination to take the pounds off and be healthier.

Nothing in this post is a secret!

Everything I did, you can do too! It takes determination and commitment. There is no hidden combination or a magic way to be motivated. It’s all about you! Your goals, your desires, your health! Find what works for you. You can do this!

This was not an overnight change and I wasn’t fully eating like this until I had basically lost all the weight.

It was a slow process of making adjustments and fighting cravings. I would lose weight than gain some back then lose more and gain a couple back. I don’t want to make you think this was a simple process where I chose to eat these foods from the start and then the weight came rolling off. It was a process that lasted two years in total. Mainly because my progress was interrupted by getting pregnant with my second daughter. I started with what I knew was healthy and then continued to build off of that knowledge.

fatty restaurant food

The first thing I did was add more fruits and veggies and eliminated the extra fatty food.

Make as much as you can at home! This is so important! You could be eating out and eating “healthy” and still be consuming 1,000+ calories in one meal.

A fiesta Salad at a well-known restaurant chain contains 699 calories

and if your salad contains crispy chicken or extra dressing you can easily eat a day’s worth of calories on one plate. Cutting out most restaurant options and the higher calorie foods and than replacing them with better options will allow you to lose the pounds. For example grilled chicken on that salad and the dressing on the side.

What do you do if you hit the dreaded “wall”?

After losing 50 pounds the weight loss slowed down and it was a struggle to peel of the final 30. The reason was that I did what a lot of people do. I would frequently binge eat and sit and eat thousands of calories in one sitting than feel horrible after! Obviously, this sets you back and causes the cravings to come back strong. I have a whole post, I recommend reading, on how to overcome cravings.

Reevaluate how much you’re eating.

Often times the serving size were eating is not the serving size that’s posted on the label and we can find ourselves consuming twice as many calories as we think. 

Check in with yourself and see if stress or outside factors are to blame.

Stress can cause your hormones to be off and can cause your body to do some funky things. If this is the case there are a lot of things you can do to help the situation! Here are my tips on how to handle stress and anxiety naturally or at least handle it in a healthy way so you aren’t faced with as many of the negative side effects.

Research, research, research!

The biggest change in my weight didn’t happen until I started to research what was in my food and I realized that some of the healthy foods I had been eating were not actually all that healthy. They were actually preventing me from getting rid of the cravings. Those foods were also higher in calories than you would first think! Knowing what your eating will go a long way for you! 


Here are some of the changes that led to an 80-pound loss.

 1. Whole Grains! I switched to whole wheat bread or Ezekiel Brand bread. By getting rid of the processed and bleached flour I eliminated one cause of my blood sugar being so crazy and the constant feeling I was starving to death. When I first made this change I ate whole grain or multi-grain bread. I later found out that this is not the same as whole wheat. They actually still contain white four which was the problem to begin with. Once I learned the difference I switched to only whole wheat and that’s when I got to see the changes.
 2. I added more fresh fruits and veggies. This naturally reduced my calories without eating less. The fruit also served as a natural sugar source which helped ease the cravings.
 3. Lean meats helped me feel fuller longer without adding calories. Chicken, turkey, fish, or shrimp are the best way to eat more without consuming over 4,000 calories a day. I will still eat beef and pork to this day, I just only eat it once or twice a week. I substituted ground beef for ground turkey. Still not super nutritious but better for burgers so again I kept it to once a week at most.

4. Snacks were changed from high carb and high calorie food to something like plain yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit. Anything high in fiber and protein keeps you feeling full longer and balances your blood sugar. Hummus and veggies are really good if a sweet tooth isn’t the problem but potato chips and anything salty is.

5. Breakfast was the hardest meal to figure out because I’m not a big fan of eggs I am however a fan of doughnuts and pancakes. I had to learn to make them from scratch and substitute for healthy or at least healthier options. So I switched from cheap eggs to higher quality eggs. It means paying $3 a dozen but I don’t mind eating eggs as much anymore. Omelets or scrambles are my favorite. Mixing in spinach, peppers, onion, garlic, and sometimes turkey sausage. I will also make whole wheat pancakes.

6. Drinking lots of water! Water is the number one thing that will help you lose weight. It flushes toxins from your system and keeps your body in healthy shape. Excess toxins keep your body from doing what it does best and worst than that causes hormonal imbalances. Your body will not lose weight like it should if your hormones are all over. By keeping your organs healthy and hormones in check, it keeps them doing what they need to do when they need to do it. 

7. Build muscle! Your body burns calories while your eating, resting, and going about your day. The more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. Working out does so much more than burn calories while your exercising. It builds muscle and that is the key to continuously burning fat. 

sweet fresh apples


1. Honey and coconut sugar are my only sweeteners and they are used in moderation. This is in place of refined white sugar, artificial sweeteners, molasses, or stevia.

2. Unsweetened almond milk is my milk replacement. Its higher in nutrients and lower in calories. I mainly switched because I hate the taste of dairy milk and I started with soy until realized how it can effect your body if you consume too much. I then made the change to almond milk.

3. I started forcing myself to drink 3 liters of water a day instead of juice, soda, or sweet tea. It wasn’t fun but it was worth it.

4. I only drink water, unsweetened coffee, and tea. I add almond milk to my coffee but I keep it very basic. You don’t want to get calories from what you drink.

5. We do homemade everything. Almond butter, oat flour, jams/pancake toppings, pancakes, sauces, desserts, meals, some bread, breakfast, lunches, and dinners. It gave me control of what’s in my food and the ability to eat food that would normally be really unhealthy. Pancakes and cookies are a good example.

fresh fruit snack
fresh veggies

1. Scrambles
2. Scrambles
3. Omelets
4. Smoothies
5. Oatmeal
6. Oat or whole wheat pancakes
7. Yogurt and fresh fruit
8. Cottage cheese and fresh fruit

  1. Rice and beans
  2. Veggie spring roll
  3. Salad
  4. Cucumber and tomato salad
  5. Veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread
  6. Ezekiel tortilla wrap
  7. Lettuce wraps
  8. Bento box with lean protein, veggies, fruits, and a whole wheat
vegetarian dinner
  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Nuts
  3. Olives
  4. Cottage cheese
  5. Grapefruits
  6. Baked cinnamon apples (no refined sugar)
  7. Smoothies
  1. Taco bowl with brown rice, veggies, lean meat or beans
  2. Chili or soup topped with avocado
  3. Stir fry with homemade sauce
  4. Chicken and roasted veggies
  5. Sweet potato and Caribbean Jerk Chicken
  6. Zucchini Lasagna
  7. Fish taco bowl

 You can do this! It won’t be easy but working toward a healthy diet is a fantastic first step! You have to start there and then work toward a workout schedule.
Don’t forget consistency is at the center of making all this work. Thanks for reading!

Join the Healthnut Blogging community for more way to make being healthy that much easier! Comment below and let me know what you have found to be the hardest part of losing weight and if you have any topics you want me to cover, let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for being amazing!

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janna conner

all good tips. you look very young though so I’m sure your metabolism is still pretty active. I’m 41 now and still trying to get the last baby weight off and I feel like after 40 your metabolism becomes negative. It’s a real struggle!


Wonderful tips, I need this boost to get back on the wagon.


This was super encouraging! Thank you!

Mary Varville-Rodriguez

I really need this blog! Getting more water into my system has been a BIG goal the past few weeks. I still enjoy my occasional green tea with strawberries because it just makes me feel so happy. I love your blog design and the amazing colorful photos. The way you organize and highlight the information makes my brain happy. (I need those breaks in text and photos to stay focused!) I am definitely tagging this blog as a favorite while I work toward improving my dietary habits and adding exercise. Before kids I worked out every day. I need to… Read more »


Thanks for sharing these great tips. Sometimes I need to be reminded of things I already knew to get myself back on track.


This was amazing, very helpful and congrats to you on such a wonderful journey!


Nice post.


I’ve been working on weight loss without having to change TOO much. I’m basically adding more fruits and veggies in, eating less during mealtimes, and trying to stay away from the junk food. And LOTS of water.

Sarah - Caffeine and Conquer

This is so inspirational. I have been struggling with my weight since I moved out of my parents house to attend university…11 years ago! My freshman 15 turned into a freshman 60. I think about healthy eating daily but struggle with discipline and give up way to easily. I have an issue with binge eating and portion control. I will go to the store and come back with bags of chips and cookies and just mindlessly munch my way through them all day until I’m out. I’m a vegetarian and I love cooking up healthy meals but I have this… Read more »

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