I don’t always take my own advice

I don’t always take my own advice

Here it is, sometimes I eat those super loaded brownies.

Sometimes I eat potato chips. Sometimes I skip a workout! Being healthy takes some work and sometimes I don’t feel like it! 

That’s what I love about health and fitness. It’s not about being perfect, or following the “rules” all the time. It’s about doing your best and working toward being better then you were yesterday. That’s it. That’s the secret to health. Doing your best and working toward improvement.

This post is not going to be about nutrition facts or what meals to make or how I did it.

This post is about being vulnerable and admitting your not perfect. That I’m not perfect. Today is about being real and acknowledging flaws and being OK with that. Your flaws are not flaws! They are details that make you even more beautiful and unique. They are little things that are solely you and make you the stunningly beautiful women you are. All I ask throughout this post is that you get real and allow yourself to be vulnerable with me.

The point is to be consistent 95% of the time.

 To be setting goals and working towards them with your best effort through that 95%. Everyone has bad days, bad workouts, and bad habits that need to be worked through. We all struggle at one point or another and want to give it all up. It’s never as smooth as it seems. There’s up hill battles that need to be won and it’s really as simple as being determined enough to win those battles. Although its a daily struggle. No one starts eating all the right things and doing the perfect workout and magically never has to worry about weight or cravings or whatever it is your struggling with. You are not alone!

 I had two kids and have one on the way, and I have gained the weight then lost it then gained it again.

Because of that I still have deep stretch marks that will forever prevent me from having that “sexy beach body” the magazines talk about every year about now. I have a bold nose that cannot be missed. I do not have the bubble butt that can be found on every fitness model. I have hip dips guys! You know how hard it is to look cute in a bathing suit with hip dips! You feel like a marshmallow! And I squat! I have tried all those butt enlarging workouts all over Pinterest and my butt is better they are still there.

You are not alone!

 We all have good days, bad days, and everything in between. We all have insecurities. Every body eats the wrong thing or skips workouts. We are all in this together! No matter what it is your struggling with, you will get through it! You can do this! The important thing is to keep going after a binge or get back to the gym after a skipped day. Motivation can be really hard to find. SMART goals can make all the difference in staying on track. Check out my post for more details on this method. 

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