7 Healthy habits plus a bonus tip!

7 Healthy habits plus a bonus tip!

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Habits to help you achieve your goals!

Yoga is so poetic in its own way! It’s so relaxing and freeing. Starting my day with yoga makes such a drastic difference in how able I am to face the challenges of the day.

A year ago, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

Some days are such a struggle. It will be a warm day, the sun is out, I’m feeling extra perky and then Bam! I start thinking about worst case scenarios if I get the mail. Not exactly motivating! Yoga helps revitalize my day and gives me a new start or at least a better one. This works for me. Finding what works for you, is a big part of staying on track. You begin to need that time to stop and focus on whats best for you. It’s so simple, and it truly changes everything! Emotional and mental health is a big part of self-care. It doesn’t matter if you have a mental illness or not. A great start to the day and finding what helps you feel good can be the best therapy you will ever invest in!

Expecting an overnight change isn’t realistic, especially if you are just starting your journey.

Little steps are the best way to go. Make one change, then move to another, then another, until you are where you want to be. It takes work, but you’ve got this! I believe in you!

Below are some of the things I do throughout the day to keep me on track. Feel free to steal them!

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Healthy Living


1. Get up and work out. Newton’s first law says ” “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion…” It’s so true. This explains why getting out of bed is so awful and why once I get going I can’t seem to stop. If you get up and work out, it gives you a great start to the day by giving you much-needed energy and an endorphin boost. This is why I love Yoga. You get more done plus at the end of the day, you don’t have to think about fitting in works out among the craziness. It makes working out a priority, and it becomes a lot easier to stick with.

2. Eat a healthy meal. Protein! So simple and so super important for fighting cravings throughout your day. A meal packed with lean protein does so much for keeping your body away from the bad foods you crave. Subscribe to my email list for healthy recipe ideas.

3. Take an afternoon walk. If you have dogs, kids, or just a few minutes in the middle of your day, it could be the perfect opportunity to take a walk. Walks can help lower blood pressure and acts as the perfect mood booster.

Healthy Living

4. Afternoon snack. A healthy afternoon snack has been proven to be more appealing and satisfying. They also help you from becoming so hungry you’ll eat anything without thinking. You’re much more likely to binge-eat when you get to that point. Subscribe to my email list for healthy recipe ideas.

5. Make a healthy dinner. Being the last meal of the day, this should keep you full the rest of the night. Avoiding late night snacks helps you sleep better which in turn helps you wake up more rested. Subscribe to my email list for healthy recipe ideas.

6. Drink that O2! All 3.2 liters of it! This varies based on your activity level or course but, this is a great goal! Water clears skin, detoxes your body, and gets rid of excess water weight. To name just a few of its benefits. Water is amazing! You cannot feel your best without the right amount. Check out my favorite water bottle for making this easier.

7. Do lunges or another favorite move throughout the day.  While you’re waiting for coffee, the microwave, at the park with the dogs, etc.

Bonus tip 1: Switch to green tea. This one hurts to write because I am an avid coffee drinker! However, as painful as it is, green tea is packed with antioxidants and is proven to improve brain function. The biggest reason of all to make the switch is its ability to burn fat and improve your physical performance. Although this is only a handful of the benefits of green tea, it may be enough to consider adding it to your routine. Bonus 1.5: Try matcha instead of standard tea bags. It makes a yummy change and provides even more benefits.

healthy living

Please comment below with your favorite tips and tricks for staying motivated. If you have any topics you want me to cover, let me know below. Thanks for being amazing!
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Nice tips. Healthy eating and drinking water are must along with A Good Night Sleep which I’m missing a lot these days(blog launch party with myself and my online friends, lol)

Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

All great tips for someone to keep in mind!


These are great tips. I won’t give up my coffee but I do like to opt for a cup of green tea to help the afternoon slump instead of reaching for ANOTHER cup of coffee. 😉

Tabitha Bradley-Raines

I have been slowly upping my water intake. I used to be a big green tea drinker, I need to get back in the habit.

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