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 Saving money is so important in every part of your life and your health is no exception. Really, having a budget was the key! I spent some time looking for which stores had what sales and figuring out what we needed for two weeks.

 A big one was getting my kids to love eating whole foods too. This makes it easier to by healthy and still have snacks for the kids. My youngest is a bit picky and it’s still a struggle but not buying them unhealthy snacks has helped me stay on track and helped them develop healthy habits. They don’t always like it but it gives me the opportunity to explain why it’s important and help them be better educated on nutrition. Plus through time they’ve come to enjoy fresh produce instead of gummy snack or chips. This is super difficult to do at times but if you can accomplish it will save a fortune.

The hardest food to get rid wasn’t even munchies and processed snacks it was cereal. The kids love it and I’m a kid at heart, so I loved it too. I will forever miss captain crunch! However, it’s been worth it and the kids really haven’t complained as much as I thought they would. (Read More)


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